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We Ask Yael “Stormborn” Vengroff how to shape today’s cocktail culture

Chilled Magazine

Stormborn, a dynamic figure shaping today’s cocktail culture with her innovative libations, embarked on her journey in New York City’s East Village, starting as a barback and seizing every opportunity to learn. Yael “Stormborn” Vengroff, is a fierce talent shaping today’s cocktail culture with her innovative libations.

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Unveiling Romeo’s—Where Cocktail Craftsmanship Meets Urban Sophistication

Chilled Magazine

Evan Hawkins, a seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry, boasts a wealth of experience, having started from the ground up as a barback and contributing to the creation of over 35 establishments. Romeo’s stands as his latest venture, a culmination of his expertise and passion.

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We’re Recapping Chilled 100 ELEVATE 2023: Raising the Bar: Choose Your Own Adventure Seminar

Chilled Magazine

Hoffman assigns each barback to a bartender, who serves as their mentor. “If I cannot personally train you,” she explained, “I will pair you with someone who has a learning style similar to yours, so you don’t feel alienated during training.” This helps to keep new employees accountable and invested in the program.

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We chat with Matty Opai: Our 2023 Bar Manager of the Year talks hard work, hospo & mentors

Australian Bartender

Luckily, a friend hooked me up as a barback at Icebergs. As a barback, I’d collect every spec from every menu and plaster them on the scullery wall. “A friend hooked me up as a barback at Icebergs. It was my first few weeks barbacking and thinking I could be a bartender. Those initial shifts blew my mind!

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Q&A: Leandro DiMonriva aka The Educated Barfly

Imbibe Magazine

I was lucky enough to find a barback job at a place called King King on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. I was spending 20-hour days on set, mainly working commercials, and I thought maybe I could be an actor instead. It seemed like anybody could be a commercial actor. At the time [around 2007], it was really difficult to get a bar job.

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Now Open: Tales of The Cocktail Foundation Cocktail Apprentice Program® Red Coat Application

Tales of the Cocktail

In order to qualify as a Red Coat, applicants must be: Industry professionals (bartenders, bar managers, barbacks, brand ambassadors, educators, distillers, and more) At least 21 years old by May 1, 2024 Live anywhere in the world and have a valid U.S.

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French Connection Cocktail - A Pork Pie Hats Off To Cognac

Barina Craft

This is one themed party your home bar could host with you as the hipster barback wearing your pork pie hat. French Connection #2 Drink Recipe: 1 ½ oz Cognac ¾ oz Grand Marnier orange flavored brandy liqueur Same preparation as the classic cocktail above. Just replace Italy in the original recipe with another shot of France.

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