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Flavor Manipulation Course Series: Cocktail Bitters, Infusions, & Simple Syrups

A Bar Above

And we’re especially excited to share with you our Flavor Manipulation series, a trio of self-paced online courses that explore the use of essential ingredients like different types of bitters and syrups , as well as how to use various flavor profiles in alcoholic drinks. Sign up for the Bitters & Tinctures Workshop here.

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How a 19th-Century Bitters Brand Took America by Storm

Imbibe Magazine

If you were alive and even mildly sentient in the late 1860s, you would have been familiar with Drake’s Plantation Bitters. Starting from nowhere, these bitters suddenly seemed to be everywhere. These bitters were favored by the “rich and poor, young and old, ladies, physicians and clergymen.” It was for the buzz. And mystery.

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Can’t Find the Right Bitters? Blend Your Own.


Blending cocktail bitters like Angostura, Peychaud's and Regans' can offer depth and complexity to Manhattans, Martinis and more.

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The Martini Is Back. But What Happened to Its Bitters?


Orange bitters were once essential to the Martini recipe, but have largely become an afterthought. Some bartenders want to change that.

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The Bitter Truth Bartender Appreciation Day Give-Away


The Bitter Truth 10 Bottle Give-Away Entry Deadline: Friday 15th December, 2023 There are a few different dates kicking around for Bartender Appreciation Day, but because it falls right at the start of the month and is officially ‘nearly Christmas’, here at BarLifeUK we favour December 2nd. What can you tell us about it?

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The Champagne Cocktail & Pegu Club are two cocktails that hero the bitters

Australian Bartender

Some classics would simply not be the drinks they are without the cocktail bitters. You start with a sugar cube splashed with bitters, hot tip, do this on a napkin to soak up extra bitters before you drop it in your flute. Back then, it skipped the brandy and came with ice. Back then, it skipped the brandy and came with ice.

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Brands Report 2024: Cocktail Bitters

Drinks International

­The often-hidden ingredient in many cocktails, bitters’ lack of visibility doesn’t mean they don’t hold a meaningful place.

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