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Top 10 Signature Cocktails to Elevate Your Wedding Reception

National Bartending School

Signature cocktails can be a fantastic way to reflect your tastes and personality. In this listicle, we’ve compiled: The top 10 signature cocktails that will add […] The post Top 10 Signature Cocktails to Elevate Your Wedding Reception appeared first on National Bartenders.

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Creating Your Own Signature Cocktail

Spin and Shake

Why not find mixologists for hire and design your own signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy? … Creating Your Own Signature Cocktail Read More » The post Creating Your Own Signature Cocktail appeared first on Spin and Shake.


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2 Must Mix Cocktails from 1800 Tequila!

Chilled Magazine

Spring has sprung, and these 2 signature cocktails from 1800 Tequila are perfect to welcome the warmer weather. Try them out! Tequila 1800® Spicy Ranch Water Ingredients 1.5 1800® Cucumber & Jalapeño 3 oz. Soda Water Preparation In a tajin-rimmed Collins glass, pour 1.5 oz of 1800 Cucumber & Jalapeño Tequila.

Tequila 131
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The Art of Curating Signature Drinks


Especially when collaborating with top liquor brands, these businesses can craft signature cocktails that reflect their unique location and create a memory with each sip. As we explore this fusion of mixology and marketing, we’ll uncover the art behind location-specific cocktails setting new standards in the beverage experience.

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12 of San Francisco’s Signature Cocktails

Today's Bartender

Boothby The signature cocktail of William T. Cocktail Bill” Boothby, a bartender at the historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco, contains sweet vermouth, bourbon, bitters, and a splash of champagne. It may sound funky but it’s actually a worth a try. Get the recipe.

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3 Elevated Cocktails Created at the 75th Emmy Awards

Chilled Magazine

This year’s cocktail lineup featured three innovative serves presented at elevated bar experiences during Emmys marquee celebrations and events throughout the season. Consider mixing up these signature cocktail recipes. Johnnie Walker x 75th Emmy Awards Signature Cocktail Recipes Scotch on the beach? You betcha!

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Weaving ‘Spirited’ Indian Stories


As for the beverages, the restaurant’s alcobev menu is thoughtfully divided into five captivating sections—Signature Cocktails, The Beekeeper, Classic, Gin and Tonics and Spirits Selection, which together unveil a rich tapestry of stories and libations that extend beyond conventional boundaries.